PHOTOS: My trip to Wight's Wonderland of Christmas!

Every year, Wight's Home & Garden transforms into Wight's Wonderland of Christmas - 23,000 square feet of glorious holiday decor; they have an artificial tree 'forest,' tons of lights, all sorts of garland, all the ornaments you could ever imagine, trinkets, gifts, stocking stuffers, and MORE. TONS MORE!!

Last week Ashley Ryan and I stopped by Wight's at their Winter Gala; it was an awesome event where we drank chanpagne and shopped for Christmas decor ideas.  Does it get any better than that!? It was perfect.

I went back yesterday to gather all the things I need to get my tiny apartment in full-on holiday mode.  Here are some pictures from the store!

This place has it all.  These pictures don't even show you half of all the stuff Wight's has!  Wight's is divided into 'rooms' that are themed, and in that room you can find everything used to decorate the trees in the room.  They had a peacock themed area, a retro theme, music theme, ocean/beach theme, kitchen/wine theme, nativity theme, classic red and green Christmas theme, bright colors theme, log cabin theme, fairytale theme, nature theme, glitzy theme, Versailles theme... it just goes on and on!  All of the trees are gorgeously decorated and are incredible inspiration for decorating your home.  I got so many great ideas just looking around!

My favorite area was the white wonderland area (specifically the Snowdrift tree, but also the Snow Storm and Snow Blizzard trees - you can find photos here!); it was full of sparkly things, foxes, bears, deer, owls, branches, icicles, pinecones, snowflakes, snow, and a hint of burlap.  It was gorgeous!  And perfect for my home.  It definitely was the inspiration for the decorations I got for my apartment.

I came home with TONS of ornaments that were white, silver, and sparkly.  I got a bunch of candle holders, some garland, some wrapping paper, some gift tags, and more.  It was the best shopping trip ever.  When I got home, I started with the little things; I put up a piece of garland, and put some incredible smelling potpourri in a bowl; now my apartment smells like the holidays! (That's SOME of my stuff at checkout on the upper left, and my potpourri bowl in the photo on the right!). I think I'll wait to put up my tree till the day after Thanksgiving.  BUT, my little apartment already feels super cozy and ready for the holidays!

Can't wait to show you more photos of my decor and what I do with all the things I got at Wight's! (There's a sneak peak photo below!).  Make sure you get to Wight's to decorate YOUR home, and share photos with me!  Maybe I'll even share them right here on my blog :) 


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