PHOTOS: Kristen Bell, Jenna Dewan Tatum Get Naked For Allure Magazine


Gorgeous actresses Kristen Bell, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Nia Long and Minnie Driver are showing it all off in the pages of Allure's Body Issue.

Jenna Dewan Tatum (photo below), 34 (she just had a baby last May), explains that she lost some of her modesty when she became a dancer for Janet Jackson. 

"You sort of lose all modesty as a dancer. I also think it's just the way I came out,
 she told Allure.  "I've always been free-spirited, and it was hard to keep clothes on me as a kid."

Not the same can be said for Kristen Bell (photo on right), 33 (who just had a baby March 2013). 

"My belly skin has made me self-conscious, and it's only gotten worse since I've had a baby," she said.

Still, she said 'yes' to posing nude for the magazine.  "I talk a big game about being comfortable no matter my size," she says. "I wanted to put my money where my mouth was."

Even though Bell says now she is in the best shape she has ever been in, she said she felt her best when she was pregnant:

"I was terribly frightened that I would feel like a schlub and not at all beautiful. But I've never been so comfortable with my body. When I looked in the mirror, I saw Cindy Crawford," she said.

Minnie Driver, 44, also posed for the magazine.  "I never could have done this when I was 25—no way," she said. "All I saw then were the flaws. I still see the flaws, but I see what's great more—and I've got a banging body."

Nia Long, 43, posed nude for Ebony while she was pregnant - but that doesn't mean she is a pro at nude shoots! 

"Posing nude is probably the most uncomfortable thing ever, and not from a spiritual sense," she said. 

She said the spread is about capturing the essence of beauty in its most comfortable state - nude.  "I'm still going naked," she said.  "I can still take it off—two babies later."

We think all of the ladies look flawless! 

(PHOTOS: Allure)


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