PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Got A Tattoo While Flying On A Private Jet

This seems like a stupid thing to do on so many different levels.  Justin Bieber got a cross and the word "forgive" tattooed on his chest and hip/stomach... while he was 40,000 feet in the air on his private jet.

Good.  Sounds safe and smart.

The artist that did the work, Bang Bang, told the New York Daily News, "it was really difficult. The plane was shaking, so it's like trying to do a tattoo while you're driving over rocks... and so I have to compensate and be so, so accurate... I've gotta admit that my adrenaline was through the roof.  I didn't anticipate it would be so difficult."

He told the mag that it was the most difficult tattoo he has ever done.  The whole process was documented, and the artist is thinking they might have broken a world record (possibly for highest altitude tattoo).

For more photos, CLICK HERE.


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